I’m so stoked to get The Murray’s up on the blog!! These two had their wedding at The Mulberry at New Smyrna Beach and it was a blast. There’s so much that I love and adore about Natalie and Connor, and spending the day with them seriously didn’t feel like work. Sometimes I can’t believe how surreal it is to photograph people on one of their happiest days for a living. I will forever be grateful to couples like Natalie and Connor who trust me to document their love in such a special way :,) 

Natalie and Connor’s The Mulberry at New Smyrna Beach Wedding

I’ve known Natalie and most of her bridesmaids since the 4th grade. So as you can imagine, it was so much fun getting to be around them on such a significant day! You could just feel everyone’s positive energy and good vibes. Natalie and Connor are a super fun-loving couple, always on the go and truly live the most active lifestyle. So much so that I literally call them my “acrobatic couple” with how much they were literally being thrown up into the air the entire day (yes, Connor will seize every single opportunity to lift Nat in the air and it shows in their reception photos). The way they live life to the fullest, go with the flow, and light up the people around them is so admirable. I love their energy so much! One of the number one things I hear from couples as a wedding photographer is that their wedding went by too fast. And it’s so true – it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the whirlwind that you blink and your wedding day is gone. But Natalie and Connor made it a point to enjoy every single second and put just as much emphasis on the little spontaneous moments as the big ones. And there were truly so many special little moments.

Like when Natalie gifted her bridesmaids these heart necklaces and called them her “gold heart people,” or when Connor got emotional for their first look before Natalie even got there, or both of them spending the ENTIRE night on the dance floor having the best time with their friends and family. Oh, and how could I forget the surprise scrapbooks the bridal party made with letters and photos of all their friendships throughout the years?? These two are seriously just the sweetest people ever and every single one of their people was equally as hyped to finally be celebrating their marriage. 

These two were down for anything…

Especially when it came to taking photos!! Sometimes couples don’t realize how important it is to carve out even just an extra 15 minutes to take portraits, but Natalie and Connor were so down for any photo-taking antics I had up my sleeve. I love that kind of energy because while I’m always super efficient when taking your portraits and don’t want you away from your guests/party any more than you do; your portraits are going to be some of your most cherished images!! So when couples like Nat and Connor 100% see the value in sneaking away for a few minutes to get some beautiful photos, I really appreciate it! 

I could go on and on about how sweet their vows were and how EPIC their reception entrance was, but no words could truly describe how special and intentional their day was. Down to the very last group song that featured a dope remixed version of Love Story by Taylor Swift :,) The energy was electric!

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