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Spencer Lucas


Hey, I’m Spencer!! I photograph weddings, elopements & couples and I am just a HUGE fan of LOVE ♥ I would describe my work as generally warm, bold & kinda moody but depending on who’s in front of my lens we can go from soft to classy to sultry to sweet to edgy to vintage to silly to adventurous at the drop of a hat. What I love about my craft is every session encompasses a different essence and becomes entirely unique to the people I captured. I strive to capture people and their wedding days genuinely as they are while fostering sweet moments and belly laughs. Connection is a major part of the why and how I run my business; and all of my past & current couples know that I thrive on being more than just your photographer. I want to know what lights your heart & soul on fire, I genuinely want to hear every part of your love story. I want to be there to hype you up, encourage you on your endeavors and help you create the wedding day you’ve been dreaming of since forever.

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"Emotional, moody images"

I have ALWAYS wanted to work with Spencer so when I found out that she was traveling to my home city of Denver, I was SO EXCITED!! Spencer is such an unbelievably creative individual, and I look up to her work so much- even as a fellow photographer! I am beyond happy with the gallery we got back!! She knows exactly how to create an amazing, upbeat, romantic, and intimate vibe in a session- and it is SO evident in the photos. She is the best person I know in terms of creating emotional, moody images. THE BEST.

emily robertson


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"Simply enchanting"

I have nothing but amazing things to say about Spencer! For my engagement pictures, I knew I wanted to work with her because of her pure talent and passion for what she does. This was our first time getting our pictures professionally done and she made the entire process incredibly easy and comfortable. Spencer has a unique way of working with each and every person from the very beginning to ensure she meets their specific needs. She goes out of her way to make sure she capture every single precious moment. I was blown away by her attention to detail, editing style, and how quickly she works to get your pictures delivered back to you. Her work is simply enchanting and I would highly recommend her as a photographer!

blake pou


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"Joyous energy"

I was lucky enough to have Spencer photograph my wedding and oh my GOODNESS I can not recommend this girl enough! Spencer brings the most joyous energy to her shoots, she hyped us up constantly + kept things so so fun! If you are at all uneasy in front of the camera, I promise Spencer will make you feel like a million bucks. Not only is she a super positive person, she was also organized, punctual and brought a clear vision to our day that was such a lifesaver when things got a little hectic. She captured the structured must-have shots while also snapping away during little moments that I am so thankful to have and remember forever! She deserves 10 stars out of 5, really and truly. Thanks so much Spencer!”



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capturing what makes your heart beat hardest.

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