It's that feeling you get deep in your chest when you think about something you are head over heels passionate about. That can't eat, can't sleep thing that you can't stop thinking about. It's your dreams, your passions, your goals and aspirations all wrapped up in one. My soul fire ignites when photographing my people and creating genuine connections with them. It sets my soul on fire to create magical things from thin air, to imagine and to dream.

SO my question for you, is, what sets your soul on fire? What is that can't eat, can't sleep thing? What fills you with so much excitement that you can't bear to go another moment without pursuing it? Whether your soul fire is the love of your life, your friends, your job, your work, your family, or whatever else, my dream is to help you pursue it and capture it in all of its glory. I want to capture what sets your soul on fire, because you shouldn't miss out on capturing the most magical & meaningful parts of your life.

What is Soul Fire?


It's nice to finally meet you!

My name is Spencer Lucas & I'm a wedding photographer currently kickin' it in the sunshine state. I literally LIVE for sweet moments, creating genuine connections with my people and capturing authentic hearts + smiles. I founded my business, Soul Fire Creative, in late 2020 and I am so beyond excited to be here serving amazing people like you!

After working with dozens of lovely couples and overall totally awesome people I have found my purpose in not only photographing authentic, heart-centered people, but I have found passion in making every wedding & session an entirely individual experience and opportunity to make lifelong friends.

When we work together, you can expect personal, one-on-one communication that will dig deep into the foundations of what it means to be a you. Whether you're getting married, recently engaged or looking for a fun date night idea, I always make it my goal to capture every piece of magic between you and your love.

I have always been inspired by the unknown and love the challenge of creating beautiful things from thin air. I think what I love most about photography is getting to capture beautiful people but show them a perspective of themselves that no one else has before.

My chaotic mind consists of sporadic bursts of energy, rambling words, 5 sentences trying to come out at once & my brain moving 100mph while my body is moving 6mph. My peaceful heart is based on the fact that my world view, the way I love others and the way I understand my emotions all come from a feeling of calmness & peace in my heart.

I am a creative soul with a chaotic mind and peaceful heart.






A Court of Thorns and Roses


Rock n' Roll

Let's dig a little deeper

Top 3: Fleetwood Mac, Boston, Greta Van Fleet










hot dog


I was born in Seattle, raised in Florida and went to college in North Carolina. I’m an INFP, Enneagram 4 and Aquarius; somehow they all describe me perfectly. I was a Division 1 swimmer in college and swam for a total of 12 years. My events were the 400IM and 200Back. If I could live anywhere I would live in a little cottage near the mountains surrounded by green moss and wildflowers. My comfort movies are Shrek, Pride & Prejudice, Twilight, Little Women and Harry Potter. I am a major night owl. I am extremely introverted but you would never know because this job brings out the most extroverted side of me. I will literally eat anything and love all food. If I wasn't a photographer I would either want to be a pilot or a race car driver. Whew

Some rapid fire fun facts:

A few of my favorite things


My dog Remy. She has an underbite and the world 100% revolves around her.


Polaroid pictures, dried flowers and my little sister.

Traveling to new places and dancing around with my people.




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Capturing what sets your soul on fire