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I full heartedly believe that images look & feel different when they are taken by someone you genuinely connect with and who really cares about you as a person. I mean think about your favorite picture you have of yourself right now; it was probably taken on an iPhone by your best friend on the sidewalk of your apartment complex...but she was hyping you up; you felt like the hottest person on the earth, right!? Or maybe it's a picture your partner took of you while you were doing one of your favorite things; maybe watching the sunset or snuggling your pup on the couch. What I'm getting at is, maybe your favorite picture isn't even the most technically framed or 'pretty' picture of you but it's your favorite because you can feel the bliss of the moment along with the fact that someone you trust took it. They made you feel loved & seen.

For this reason, I have always put a very specific emphasis on connecting with you before you even step in front of my camera. I literally want to be your friend. I want you to feel safe in front of my camera. I want to make you feel seen. I want you to feel like you can be your unfiltered, vulnerable, most IN LOVE self around me. I want to know who you are, what you're passionate about, what sets your soul on fire. I want it to feel like we're friends getting together to make art and have a really good time. That's actually what it all comes down to, I want you to choose me to be your photographer because you feel drawn to my work, you feel connected to my energy and want to be my friend.

Let me start out by saying, I am not going to try to convince you to choose me as your wedding photographer. What I mean by this is after going through my social media, website and connecting with me via email/phone, I want you to feel it in your bones & in your SOUL that I am the girl for you. This should be a really exciting decision to make. You should go with the photographer that not only checks all your stylistic boxes but the photographer that almost feels like a long lost friend. Someone you click with instantly and can easily communicate all your wedding day dreams with.

Think of it this way, I am going to be present on one of the biggest days of your life. You invite all of the people you love to your wedding, you should surround yourself with vendors you love as well, because the energy they bring to your day will impact it whether you realize it or not. If you're looking to just check hiring a photographer off your wedding to-do list or searching for the cheapest deal, I might not be the photographer for you- which is 100% ok! I want you to find the photographer that checks all the boxes that are important for you.


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Photographing your wedding is bigger than just giving you beautiful photos though. To me it’s about connecting with each other and embracing the magic of creating and capturing your memories together. The cool thing is, is that your memories become some of my most cherished memories as well. My love for photography goes well beyond what’s at the surface of it; I genuinely love my job and live to create these memories with & for you. I am a lover of the in between laughs, radiating emotions and unexpected moments. It’s all about the art and act of facilitating genuine interactions and creating photographs that are unique to you & that will last a lifetime.

After your initial inquiry I will shoot you an email back saying HEY and get your free consultation call scheduled (or coffee date/drinks if we live near each other!). On this call we will dive deeper into your love story, go over what you're looking for out of your photographer, answer any questions you might have for me and really decide if we're a good fit. After that point the ball will be in your court to let me know what direction you'd like to go. Once you ultimately decide I am the photographer/girl/best friend you've been searching for your whole life (jk. unless...) we'll confirm which package works best for you, get your contract signed and retainer paid! From then on, I am yours and you are mine, it's official, we are one. I know...things got serious fast, but when you know, you know.  Throughout the months, year or however long leading up to your wedding I am here in any way you need me. Whether you need help with the technical planning side of things or the just being plain ol excited about everything, call me, beep me, I would love nothing more than to be involved!

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