That felt weird, I wish I knew your name so I could say "Hey *insert your name here!" instead. Anyways...let's jump right into why you're actually here:

In the last two years I have built a photography business that I am beyond proud of. I started out like many others in this field; a camera & a dream but no idea where to start. One of the most pivotal moments in my mindset as a creative business owner was when I booked a mentorship call with a photographer that I admired and felt comfortable asking all my "dumb" random questions to (I'd come to learn there was no such thing as a dumb question) I still remember this call and the things she instilled in me today.

Since then, I feel like I have developed a pretty unique perspective on running a business, wedding photography & life in general, so I thought it would be special to start offering limited mentorships for my fellow creative souls. I'd rather not call it a mentorship though so maybe we can just call it a glorified creative coffee date where we talk about all your hopes and dreams, photography and how to build a business you love. A little wordy...but I kinda dig it.

Whether you're a brand new photographer with 1,000 questions, you're an already pretty established photographer wondering how to turn your talent/passion for photography into a thriving business or you're already a thriving business owner looking for a fresh perspective on things, I think we should talk!

I wouldn't consider myself a teacher by any means but I do consider myself an expert in my field & have a lot of knowledge to share in the realm of photography, mindset and running a creative business. I am beyond passionate about my job and nothing is off limits with me. With that being said, this isn't going to be a scary or super structured call. Will I answer every question you throw at me? Yes! Will I probably overshare and tell you more than you even wanted to know? Also yes! Will I get overly excited about everything we talk about? Triple yes haha; but overall, my goal is for our FaceTime date to be a chill and comfy safe space to talk about anything & everything. I want you to leave our discussion feeling refreshed, encouraged and ready to start implementing all the things we dream up & talk about on your call!

A 1-2 hour FaceTime call where you're free to ask me anything & everything

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Make your payment

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Fill out the questionnaire

Pick a date and time

Step 4

It's happening!

What's the vibe?

Tell me all the things!

One payment of $125 and we're doing the damn thing.

I'll send you a link to schedule our call.

I'll FaceTime you at our scheduled date/time!

What's next?

"Over the last few years, I have fallen in love with the connection and creative work that photography has allowed me to follow, but it hasn't been short of challenges. As I have been preparing to make the leap as a creative to full-time work, I reached out to Spencer as a familiar face seeking advice (and any kind of peak behind the curtain lol). Spencer encouraged me beyond the fear of starting something new, gave technique tips, and challenged me to take every step as a success. I am so grateful to have connected with such a bright light in this industry, and be mentored by a fearless women who has truly put her soul into her work."

Love note from a past mentee

Shelby Putnam @shelbyscamera



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